Bank Acquiring System


Working with us to build great systems

Our bank acquiring system provides all necessary services and smart acquiring technology to manage payments and complete transaction processing for a wide range of cards, products and brands across all payment channels.


Stand-in Acquiring Server

Satisfy the non-stop payment service for large merchants, the Stand-in system for you to achieve a win-win business under security and trust.


Electronic Receipt Capture System

Electronic receipt improves operational efficiency, avoid bad debts, and saves cost for storing paper storage.


Multi-Payment Integration Front-end

Integrate the payment methods to fulfill future needs, enhance your performance, and allow you to focus on your own financial services.

Customization capability

Customization capability, providing the most cost-effective system:

  • Multi-tiered parameterized design
  • Modular processing programming
  • Flexible product definition to accommodate new applications
  • Diverse transaction functionalities to meet the operational needs of tellers, and provide data integration
  • Comprehensive customer information management, offering 365 days, 24 hours uninterrupted service.

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