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ACH Taiwan

ACH service focuses on the revolution and development of innovative solutions for the payment and point-of-sale industry.



What is ACH Taiwan?

“ACH Taiwan” is an integrated payment service business, it provides the total solutions of multiple payment schemes applications for various merchants and financial institution, to meet the next generation requirements.


How did it start?

UIC Payworld Inc. has been incubating the payment industry for a long time with cooperation of global payment partners and valued merchants. Our long observation and survey in Taiwan, there is a barrier to establish application of diversified payment services, and also makes it is not easy to to smoothly introduce the services into markets. 

UIC establishes a safety and trustworthy service naming a new brand – ACH Taiwan, to be a best payment solution for enterprises, merchants and financial institutions. Meanwhile, we continue to create a convenient, secured and efficient financial and payment service in order to practice the value of future finance business, and satisfy payment experience. 

The service brand ACH, belong to UIC Payworld Inc., has obtained the payment card certification PCI DSS and EMV, meanwhile, the information security ISO 27001, to provide high-level innovative and cutting-edge total solution, so that our services can be introduced with peace of mind and no burden.


About UIC Payworld Inc.

UIC Payworld Inc. (UIC) was founded in 1983, a public listed company in Taiwan. Starting from design and manufacture payment card readers, it is committed to the research and development of high security electronic transaction systems. To keep up with the times and global payment industry migration, we have gradually developed vertical applications and financial integration, to commit to provide payment solutions and services that take into future innovation and security.

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