The integration of IoT and embedded payment services

Embedded payment opening up alternative payment models which is changing the payment world.

Unattended retail continues to thrive due to cost savings, speed, convenience, and the safety. Vending stations, kiosks, and self-service points are equipped to meet the growing demand for embedded options with "touch-free" new normal experience.

Designed for IoT and Embedded Payment

We understand that the embedded payment sector is unique and we support those specific requirements, such as polling and NFC support for contactless and mobile payment options.

We offer:

  • Multiple payment methods integration
  • Range of payment acceptance hardware options
  • One streamlined transaction gateway
  • All payment channels — EMV, MSR, Contactless, Mobile, QR, pre-paid, and even local payment scheme
  • A one-stop-shop for all your payment needs

Integrate your own POS system to accept cashless payments

Leverage our flexible API to unlock full access to our platform solutions to make secure and reliable unattended transactions at your services easy for consumers everywhere, no matter what vending, parking, EV charging, petrol and many others.

Our payment solutions for self-service industries

Are you looking for future-proof and reliable payment modules for your self-service solution with a suitable, user-friendly way? Are you active in mobility-driven industries or do you operate vending, kiosks, and any other service machines? Then you’ve come to the right place. Communicate with our payment solutions to get the needs of your business.

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